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Child of Gilead

“Take the road less traveled, my son. Always. No exceptions.”


These are Hannah’s words to her child, spoken to reveal a higher truth of what it takes to live a life of meaning.  Most importantly, they are words meant to keep a child away from harm and danger. But one day, mother and son are visited by an old family friend whose arrival brings with it the potential to uncover dark family secrets always intended to stay hidden.


Sparse and simply told, Child of Gilead, is author Douglas S. Reed's long-awaited second novel and is a modern-day parable that seeks to answer the seemingly unanswerable truth, "Do you know me?"

Garden's Corner

Little Speedy is back!


Twenty-five years after his debut, Little Speedy Copeland returns to share his extraordinary adventure. Heartbreakingly real and insightful, Garden’s Corner captures the imaginative spirit of a “near-crippled” Brooklyn teen who travels south in search of his best friend who vanished without a trace after a violent episode involving the two youths.


With a voice that continues to stand the test of time and remains clever, funny and addictive, Little Speedy spins a tale mixed with pain and pleasure. His story is a cry out to all those who care enough to listen, his heartfelt desire to overcome not only physical paralysis, but paralysis of the human spirit as well.


What we see pass before the watchful and inquisitive eyes of Little Speedy Copeland, and what we learn about him and his environment, makes Garden’s Corner a compelling and thought-provoking read.

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